Free Wordpress Hosting 2019|We all love free stuff.When it comes to free, then no one can stop you. Whether the free thing is not of your work.

At the time of buying free products, You donot take any details of the product.This is your biggest mistake.

So you are requested to read this article properly.After that, you can sign up for free wordpress hosting.

Free wordpress hosting 2019

What is Hosting ? 

According to Wikipedia "A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the world wide web(www).

Wordpress hosting is a necessity for every website for every website necessity for every website for every website and it is the physical location of any website on the internet.

Wordpress Hosting is an optimized shared web hosting for running wordpress sites particularly.

Benefits of Wordpress Hosting

● Improved site performance
● Support any time 
●  Improved site security
●  Control of the data/content
● Personalized Email
● Seo Friendly Pages

I am already discussed about Top Best Free Wordpress Hosting Sites.Check out Our previous post,"15 Best Free Wordpress Hosting Sites 2019".

Limitations of Free Wordpress Hosting

◆Most of free hosting does not come with support.
◆Free Wordpress Hosting provider will inder ads and hidden links.
◆No back up allowed
◆Banned & suspend your account any time without any reason.
◆Some of them, doesn't allow you to use your own domain.It is very bad for seo.

Conclusion -  If you want to create a Professional website or blog then I highly recommend you to use paid Wordpress Hosting. With Paid hosting, Full control of your website is in your hands.

I personally use Blue host hosting for my other wordpress sites. One of the best web hosting in India.

Wordpress recommended to use bluehost. You will get from them -
- Free Domain Name
- Free SSL Certificate
- Free Site Builder
- Enhanced Cpanel
- 1 click wordpress install
- 24/7 Support